Tea as an Elixir of Youth

I love coffee as much as tea, but with the current hype on health and fitness, I tend to sway towards tea drinking in the afternoon or before I go to bed (yes coffee soothes me sometimes that I drink a cup before I go to sleep). Now widely popularized, Green Tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant specie. Same goes with Oolong and Black Tea. Who wouldn’t want a possible cancer-free life? Of course, that’s just one of tea’s benefits. The list is actually getting longer as researchers continue to discover the potentials of tea to help one’s health.

Two days ago, I watched a video on how tea can help make your skin look even better.

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Other than the amazing benefits of tea, do you know that in some countries, preparing it is considered as an art? Here’s a video about Japan’s Tea Ceremony. I don’t know, but I find this video a little enchanting to watch. Probably because of the geisha.

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Hope you enjoy the 2 video 🙂