Baking and Pastry Making

My heart is singing. I went with my sister this morning to do some job hunting. Our local PESO held a provincial job fair since it’s Roxas City’s Anniversary… Happy Anniversary!!!! Unfortunately the job  hunting was only for people aged from 19-25. Seriously. That should be band. Where’s the equality in employment then? Geez. I am not happy with that.

I am 33 and life appeared dim this morning. Went to COMELEC as well, but unfortunately the validating machine  was not functioning properly. Well, it’s the machine’s fault nott the COMELEC’s. So what made my heart skip? Looking for a table top oven.Although we found none, but my heart went thu-thump looking for that oven… 🙂

Months or I should say years ago, my heart was actually singing about baking or pastry making sessions. I was actually avoiding it, now that I have resigned, what other excuse do I have? Yes, my arms are still open for a lot of things, but my instincts are telling me to go for a lesson. Luckily, it’s 4k a month for the next 6 months but, I think I would really enjoy it.

Still looking forward to a day job…well, I need something to support my eureka moment, right? 🙂