Job Hunting for Mortals Like Me

Hi. I know, it’s been a month since I wrote on this blog. I was out in the real world looking for a day job. Yep, this bum is now looking for the perfect day job. Although, I feel a strong tug and dreams of working abroad. First choice: Abu Dhabi. Second choice? The rest of the world, if you please 🙂

Well, my friend Abigail is on top of the world just being in Abu Dhabi so why not join her? I am still afraid of going abroad mind you, but I am forced by circumstances:)

For the job hunting part, well, I tried the following sites. They are actually free:


” WorkAbroad is an online recruitment service in the Philippines that caters to the needs of recruitment agencies and Filipinos who would like to apply for overseas jobs.

Through WorkAbroad, you can simply submit your resume online, search for job openings online, and apply online – without leaving your home!

Go to and register as a member, and join me in being part of this large and growing community! ”


To know more just follow this path:


According to them: is the #1 job site in the Middle East, offering a complete range of end-to-end employment solutions and career planning tools. is fully functional in English, Arabic and French, and offers the fastest, easiest, most effective and cost-efficient methods for employers to find quality candidates, and for job seekers to find top jobs, in the Middle East and North Africa.


About the site:

(5) All Abu Dhabi Jobs

More info:

Will be fishing out my list in a bit. I have them listed on a note somewhere here…:) will add it on the list soon then… 🙂

If you have any ideas, please inform me right away:)

So as I mentioned earlier, I am looking for a job. 🙂 PM me if you have any ideas:) thanks.