Stuffed Milkfish (Bangus)

Milkfish is the national fish of the Philippines. So to further celebrate the wonderful flavor of this yummy fish, let me give you another video about the glorious ways used to stuff it. Again, the voice is in Pilipino and Tagalog. 🙂 Hehehe…sorry. This week, I will be posting 6 more stuffed food video. You would often see this dish during celebrations like fiesta, birthdays and etc.

How to prepare the fish:

Another presentation:

This is very delicious. Enjoy!!!

Travel Time

Ten days since I started the sugar-water and olive oil diet. Again, I got lazy and totally forgot all about it. Time to unwind and re-focus. I am currently on a self-imposed vacation.

I went south – visiting the city of Bacolod. After a bumpy ferry ride, I arrived a little dizzy watching Tangled during the hour and a half trip.

My friend Ivy picked me up from the terminal and once again, I was reunited with the City of Smiles. My first hour was spent having a good conversation with Ivy, coffee at Bob’s, a few slices of pizza and yummy lasagna (unfortunately it was not as thick as I expected it to be – one layer I guess… but it was cheesy…)

In all fairness, coffee at Bob’s is like walking in a peaceful garden, unlike with Starbucks (fast phased, hyped and so much buzz that there’s no space for thinking). I always have a great time there. Aside from the good company, food is not a question. For $2.00 you can have a good cup.

Arriving at Ivy’s home, I was greeted by her shi tzus with a promise of a new puppy on May. Hopefully, I get a baby girl. Ivy’s children were in the living room when we entered the house. Blue looked amazing with his hair and boy! how tall he was. Always smiling Red looks like an action star. Both kids sure does have the potential to be big heartbreakers (hehehehe). Lookout y’all!

Tomorrow is a new day. Note to self: Have foot spa and a massage session. For now, a good read will do…

The Shangri La Diet

It might look a bit too late to be discussing this, but I just recently found out about it. Who would actually think that sipping sugar water or ingesting olive oil can help you loose your appetite and eventually shed some pounds? I think visuals with audio is the best way to share it with you. 🙂 So, here you go. Hope you enjoy watching, while I go to the grocery to buy EVOO (I think it’s waaayyy healthier than ELOO).

Boneless Bangus (Milkfish)

I’ve been thinking of business ideas, when I got hooked with the production of boneless milkfish. Milkfish is the national fish of the Philippines. Not tilapia or lapu-lapu. I didn’t have time to enroll in a livelihood program, so I went to Youtube. Here’s what I found:

Sorry if it’s in Filipino or Tagalog. But the way the instructor (from Navotas Fishport Complex) showed the steps or where to start picking in a highly comprehensive manner, you could learn by just looking at her cool maneuvers. 😀 I use a mosquito forcep (the long one and no lock) and bought a deboning knife. By the way, you need to make sure that your knife is always sharp to easily cut through the fish.Happy watching.

Battle Royale

I am really frustrated with myself. I was supposed to go under a weight loss program. The 14 days challenge. I failed. I can’t stop eating. I ate cereals with milk, a fruit and coffee in the morning. At lunch, I would eat a balanced meal. At dinner, the cereal and milk again. That only happened for one day. The major problem that I see here is that I am the cook here at home. I’m not sure if I really am a good cook, but I have a feeling that I am because my family keeps on asking me to cook for them.

Even buying or going to the market. I love going to the farmers market instead of the ones in big grocery stores. I love everything about the farmers market. Yup. Even the stink from the fish and other seafood. I can negotiate. 🙂

I need to turn this around. I can’t loose weight if things continue to be like this. I have to think of a great weekly meal plan that my family would love and I would be able to enjoy.

My relentless opponent is Mr. Rice. Mr. Rice here is not the brown version. White. Washed. I could eat 2 bowls if I get carried away. That would be a big 2 knockdowns in one fight. Darn.

Next is Ms. Fried. Frying is so easy to do. But we are using palm oil. Sometimes the charm of re-using oil has been one of my greatest fall. If only I can get hold of the amazing Olive Oil so that I could manage a fair tag.

I could get cozy with the boil, steam, grill, roast, or bake family.

The big three arenas – breakfast, lunch and dinner, needs to be conquered. Think, think, think…

Keeping up everyday

When it comes to blogs, I have been a little polygamous. I would set up an account here, then if I discover a new blog site and find it interesting, I would setup another account. I can’t even remember if I have an account here, but if I do, I honestly don’t remember.

They said that a person’s actions reflect his inner self. I think there is a little truth behind that. I am trying to reform. Not only with my writing but with my life. I am in dire need of change. I am aimlessly wandering and in the process of finding myself.

My childhood has been torn between being a drama queen and the real thing. I have been trying to escape my real self because I was not happy. I’ve been pretending to be someone else. And I think it has taken its toll on me. I am lost. I don’t know what exactly makes me happy.

I resigned from my job and entered the world of freelancing. I am grateful for the opportunities coming my way. It gives me the luxury of time to get to know myself better.

My current battle is with my weight. I have squarely looked at myself in the mirror. There is no escaping anymore. I have to face the heavy truth. Before, I would look in the mirror but do not see myself. I guess, my escape was also possible because I can hide behind my weight. Another excuse of avoiding people. But, I am putting my foot down now. I have to take over. I have to do this for myself. I owe myself that much.

So, I guess, having this blog will be a part of my therapy. I am making a promise to keep up everyday. A way for me to discover and record what I really want in life. And what I can give back.