Cake Decorating

Have you watched Cake Boss? I know… isn’t he amazing? He’s like the godfather of giant cakes…I haven’t seen other cake masters like him though but I bet they’re good too. Buddy could be like the mad hatter sometimes but boy! Does he inspire me to be a cake decorator too….? 🙂 definitely! I regret not buying the essentials for baking when I had the resources…come to think of it, all those lost years buying non profitable gadgets…I should have bought 5Star quality baking tools and equipment. So in love with KitchenAid and Wiltons right now. Too late to get frustrated now. At least I have a goal right now. 🙂 Find a good job, pay off what needs to be paid off, buy the essentials and get into the business which I feel I am beginning to be passionate about. Why do I say this? Well, just imagine my heart beating so fast everytime I think about buttercream:

Creating multiple tiered cakes


and other baking stuff. There’s no doubt about it. I am inlove. My heart is making a huge thump! thump! now… 🙂

To make it work, I have to plan this out carefully. I remember my love affairs being brief and more on impulse rather than the other way around, so I need to take this slow… 🙂 although it’s not one of my virtues, but I guess I should learn to have patience.

Now back to job hunting… 🙂 I am hoping to design my mom’s and aunt’s cake two months from now. Promise to post it here… 🙂


Baking and Pastry Making

My heart is singing. I went with my sister this morning to do some job hunting. Our local PESO held a provincial job fair since it’s Roxas City’s Anniversary… Happy Anniversary!!!! Unfortunately the job  hunting was only for people aged from 19-25. Seriously. That should be band. Where’s the equality in employment then? Geez. I am not happy with that.

I am 33 and life appeared dim this morning. Went to COMELEC as well, but unfortunately the validating machine  was not functioning properly. Well, it’s the machine’s fault nott the COMELEC’s. So what made my heart skip? Looking for a table top oven.Although we found none, but my heart went thu-thump looking for that oven… 🙂

Months or I should say years ago, my heart was actually singing about baking or pastry making sessions. I was actually avoiding it, now that I have resigned, what other excuse do I have? Yes, my arms are still open for a lot of things, but my instincts are telling me to go for a lesson. Luckily, it’s 4k a month for the next 6 months but, I think I would really enjoy it.

Still looking forward to a day job…well, I need something to support my eureka moment, right? 🙂

Sick Week

Provinces and regions of the Philippines

Image via Wikipedia

Well, what can I say? Too much food is bad for you. 🙂 I know…so will no eat to much food, will just drink 🙂 hehe. The weather here in the Philippines is a little dramatic lately. It made me feel drowsy all the time. No time to think at all. I got two interviews today, doing what I love – writing. 🙂 Even if you don’t want to agree…I’m still sick, but will be writing again later. 🙂 tudu loo….

Which reminds me…13 days to go and it’s the royal wedding…:)

Saw this map of the Philippines in the media gallery so I thought, why not? 🙂 hehehe…later friends.

Tea as an Elixir of Youth

I love coffee as much as tea, but with the current hype on health and fitness, I tend to sway towards tea drinking in the afternoon or before I go to bed (yes coffee soothes me sometimes that I drink a cup before I go to sleep). Now widely popularized, Green Tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant specie. Same goes with Oolong and Black Tea. Who wouldn’t want a possible cancer-free life? Of course, that’s just one of tea’s benefits. The list is actually getting longer as researchers continue to discover the potentials of tea to help one’s health.

Two days ago, I watched a video on how tea can help make your skin look even better.

Click this to watch video

Other than the amazing benefits of tea, do you know that in some countries, preparing it is considered as an art? Here’s a video about Japan’s Tea Ceremony. I don’t know, but I find this video a little enchanting to watch. Probably because of the geisha.

Click this to watch video

Hope you enjoy the 2 video 🙂

My First Day: Shangri La Diet

I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)instead of Extra Light Olive Oil (ELOO). Good thing that I only took a tablespoon. A few minutes after I ingested it, I felt like I want to barf. The best description that I can think of? Like I got drunk. I got dizzy, sleepy, so tired, queasy and don’t forget headache(major).

The sugar water worked perfectly fine. The EVOO is torturing me. Note to self, use ELOO next time. With the EVOO (1 Liter), I might as well use it when I cook pasta or pan fry fish fillet. ULK!!! I want to throw up…On a second thought, I thing I’ll stick to sugar water…:S

I can feel the goosebumps, I keep going back to bed. I lost my appetite alright. I honestly need to follow instructions. Sob. I think I’m going to sleep now.

The Shangri La Diet

It might look a bit too late to be discussing this, but I just recently found out about it. Who would actually think that sipping sugar water or ingesting olive oil can help you loose your appetite and eventually shed some pounds? I think visuals with audio is the best way to share it with you. 🙂 So, here you go. Hope you enjoy watching, while I go to the grocery to buy EVOO (I think it’s waaayyy healthier than ELOO).

Of Guitars and Music

I found this website Six String Soul a while ago, when I was looking for cool deals. But I got a better thing to share. Apparently there is a giveaway thing going on. I’ll just reiterate the giveaways mentioned in the site.

Included in the Giveaway

  • (1) Pedaltrain 2 Pedalboard with Gig Bag
  • (1) GCB95 Crybaby Wah Wah
  • (1) MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
  • One Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive
  • One Sanyo Pedal Juice Rechargeable 9V Power Source
  • One Bullet Cable SLUG Connector Kit
  • Three Rolls of Power-Grip pedal board tape

Cool right? Yeah, I think so too. To know more, just click on Six String Soul to view the contest info. Goodluck…