Cake Decorating

Have you watched Cake Boss? I know… isn’t he amazing? He’s like the godfather of giant cakes…I haven’t seen other cake masters like him though but I bet they’re good too. Buddy could be like the mad hatter sometimes but boy! Does he inspire me to be a cake decorator too….? 🙂 definitely! I regret not buying the essentials for baking when I had the resources…come to think of it, all those lost years buying non profitable gadgets…I should have bought 5Star quality baking tools and equipment. So in love with KitchenAid and Wiltons right now. Too late to get frustrated now. At least I have a goal right now. 🙂 Find a good job, pay off what needs to be paid off, buy the essentials and get into the business which I feel I am beginning to be passionate about. Why do I say this? Well, just imagine my heart beating so fast everytime I think about buttercream:

Creating multiple tiered cakes


and other baking stuff. There’s no doubt about it. I am inlove. My heart is making a huge thump! thump! now… 🙂

To make it work, I have to plan this out carefully. I remember my love affairs being brief and more on impulse rather than the other way around, so I need to take this slow… 🙂 although it’s not one of my virtues, but I guess I should learn to have patience.

Now back to job hunting… 🙂 I am hoping to design my mom’s and aunt’s cake two months from now. Promise to post it here… 🙂


Highly Rated Hamburg Steak

My friend Abi and her sister Jashna sent me an email via facebook today. About what? Food.:) Since it was highly recommended, I would then say it must be good. I watched the video and during the process, I can’t help but salivate. After watching, my brain kept on telling me to make one…make one tomorrow….make one!!!! And since it appears contagious, I want to contaminate you too…:) here goes:

What I like about this video is the simplicity and ease (at least it appears to be). Will get back to you soon about it…:) hopefully, post images of the actual dish…


The Shangri La Diet

It might look a bit too late to be discussing this, but I just recently found out about it. Who would actually think that sipping sugar water or ingesting olive oil can help you loose your appetite and eventually shed some pounds? I think visuals with audio is the best way to share it with you. 🙂 So, here you go. Hope you enjoy watching, while I go to the grocery to buy EVOO (I think it’s waaayyy healthier than ELOO).