Travel Time

Ten days since I started the sugar-water and olive oil diet. Again, I got lazy and totally forgot all about it. Time to unwind and re-focus. I am currently on a self-imposed vacation.

I went south – visiting the city of Bacolod. After a bumpy ferry ride, I arrived a little dizzy watching Tangled during the hour and a half trip.

My friend Ivy picked me up from the terminal and once again, I was reunited with the City of Smiles. My first hour was spent having a good conversation with Ivy, coffee at Bob’s, a few slices of pizza and yummy lasagna (unfortunately it was not as thick as I expected it to be – one layer I guess… but it was cheesy…)

In all fairness, coffee at Bob’s is like walking in a peaceful garden, unlike with Starbucks (fast phased, hyped and so much buzz that there’s no space for thinking). I always have a great time there. Aside from the good company, food is not a question. For $2.00 you can have a good cup.

Arriving at Ivy’s home, I was greeted by her shi tzus with a promise of a new puppy on May. Hopefully, I get a baby girl. Ivy’s children were in the living room when we entered the house. Blue looked amazing with his hair and boy! how tall he was. Always smiling Red looks like an action star. Both kids sure does have the potential to be big heartbreakers (hehehehe). Lookout y’all!

Tomorrow is a new day. Note to self: Have foot spa and a massage session. For now, a good read will do…


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