Boneless Bangus (Milkfish)

I’ve been thinking of business ideas, when I got hooked with the production of boneless milkfish. Milkfish is the national fish of the Philippines. Not tilapia or lapu-lapu. I didn’t have time to enroll in a livelihood program, so I went to Youtube. Here’s what I found:

Sorry if it’s in Filipino or Tagalog. But the way the instructor (from Navotas Fishport Complex) showed the steps or where to start picking in a highly comprehensive manner, you could learn by just looking at her cool maneuvers. 😀 I use a mosquito forcep (the long one and no lock) and bought a deboning knife. By the way, you need to make sure that your knife is always sharp to easily cut through the fish.Happy watching.


2 responses to “Boneless Bangus (Milkfish)

    • Yes, it’s yummy. But I tried taking the bones out, it’s hard it first. I get the hang of it…my only challenge are the tiny bones near the fin. They are so stubborn. 🙂

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