Battle Royale

I am really frustrated with myself. I was supposed to go under a weight loss program. The 14 days challenge. I failed. I can’t stop eating. I ate cereals with milk, a fruit and coffee in the morning. At lunch, I would eat a balanced meal. At dinner, the cereal and milk again. That only happened for one day. The major problem that I see here is that I am the cook here at home. I’m not sure if I really am a good cook, but I have a feeling that I am because my family keeps on asking me to cook for them.

Even buying or going to the market. I love going to the farmers market instead of the ones in big grocery stores. I love everything about the farmers market. Yup. Even the stink from the fish and other seafood. I can negotiate. 🙂

I need to turn this around. I can’t loose weight if things continue to be like this. I have to think of a great weekly meal plan that my family would love and I would be able to enjoy.

My relentless opponent is Mr. Rice. Mr. Rice here is not the brown version. White. Washed. I could eat 2 bowls if I get carried away. That would be a big 2 knockdowns in one fight. Darn.

Next is Ms. Fried. Frying is so easy to do. But we are using palm oil. Sometimes the charm of re-using oil has been one of my greatest fall. If only I can get hold of the amazing Olive Oil so that I could manage a fair tag.

I could get cozy with the boil, steam, grill, roast, or bake family.

The big three arenas – breakfast, lunch and dinner, needs to be conquered. Think, think, think…


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