Keeping up everyday

When it comes to blogs, I have been a little polygamous. I would set up an account here, then if I discover a new blog site and find it interesting, I would setup another account. I can’t even remember if I have an account here, but if I do, I honestly don’t remember.

They said that a person’s actions reflect his inner self. I think there is a little truth behind that. I am trying to reform. Not only with my writing but with my life. I am in dire need of change. I am aimlessly wandering and in the process of finding myself.

My childhood has been torn between being a drama queen and the real thing. I have been trying to escape my real self because I was not happy. I’ve been pretending to be someone else. And I think it has taken its toll on me. I am lost. I don’t know what exactly makes me happy.

I resigned from my job and entered the world of freelancing. I am grateful for the opportunities coming my way. It gives me the luxury of time to get to know myself better.

My current battle is with my weight. I have squarely looked at myself in the mirror. There is no escaping anymore. I have to face the heavy truth. Before, I would look in the mirror but do not see myself. I guess, my escape was also possible because I can hide behind my weight. Another excuse of avoiding people. But, I am putting my foot down now. I have to take over. I have to do this for myself. I owe myself that much.

So, I guess, having this blog will be a part of my therapy. I am making a promise to keep up everyday. A way for me to discover and record what I really want in life. And what I can give back.


2 responses to “Keeping up everyday

  1. Yes, where ever you run to get away from yourself there you are. You are the only person you can’t get away from.

    I’ve been running from myself for years. I’m almost at stopping point because I’m getting sick to death of listening to myself yammer myself into a depressive hole.

    Your choice of theme is pretty.

    Have you thought about joining the post a day challenge that wordpress has? I joined 22 days ago. I used to think that writing everyday was hard, but hey, I just realized I passed the three week mark. It’s a habit now! Yay!

    • I guess I failed on the writing daily part. 🙂 I really try to keep up. Been busy with my job and when I get to look outside, it’s late in the afternoon, time to go home, same old routine…forget to blog cause I was to tired to write.:)

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